Brownie Applications

How to Use

  • Replace up to 1/2 of the regular wheat flour with whole toasted soy flour. For an added texture, use the Whole Gritty Soy Flour that adds some pieces to the mix. Just mix in with your batter. You must however monitor the moisture levels of your batter as the soy flour will absorb moisture, but will result in a moist finished product.
  • Incorporate WOWBUTTER into your recipe for a mouth watering taste.
  • Add Soy pieces on top of the icing for added taste and texture.
  • Add WOWBUTTER to the chocolate icing for an exceptional tasting topping.
  • Use WOWBUTTER as a replacement for peanut butter in any recipe.


  • Makes a rich, flavourful moist brownie
  • Introduces high level of fibre
  • Higher complete protein levels in the brownie
  • Increase Omega 3 levels and Omega 6 levels
  • Added Soy health benefits

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