Candy & Chocolate Bar Applications

How to Use

  • Add Whole Unsalted Soynuts and mix in with the other ingredients. They are brittle, so gentle mixing is required if you don’t want too many broken pieces.
  • Toasted Soy Pieces and Toasted Soy Halves also work extremely well. The particle size is smaller and usually closer to the other ingredients making it easier for mixing and blending.
  • Use WOWBUTTER as a direct replacement for peanut butter to produce a great tasting product. It will also help bind all the ingredients together. There is no need to change any product formulation when switching from peanut butter to WOWBUTTER.
  • Using a combination of WOWBUTTER and Toasted Soy Flour and sugar, you can make the base of a WOWBUTTER cup, just like the peanut butter version everyone craves.


  • Make a nut free product
  • Adding WOWBUTTER produces a great tasting product that is nut free.
  • Introduces high level of fibre
  • Add good tasting protein (complete protein)
  • Increase Omega 3 levels and Omega 6 levels
  • Added Soy health benefits

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