Information for School Principals & Boards

WOWBUTTER is bridging the gap between allergic and non-allergic students in order to provide a healthier, safer, more united and happier school environment!

Schools are already supporting and encouraging the use of WOWBUTTER because parents are voluntarily sourcing safe products and following school peanut free policies with the use of WOWBUTTER for the benefit of the entire school community!

A peanut free school policy addresses the needs of allergic kids, WOWBUTTER addresses the nutrition and taste needs of non-allergic kids and the AWARD WINNING School Lunch Procedure addresses the lunch identification needs of the school.

Dear School Principal:

WOWBUTTER Foods is proud to introduce a timely, innovative product and AWARD WINNING lunch identification system that was developed to support and facilitate the implementation, managing and compliance of peanut free and tree nut free policies of schools while reducing the liability to the school and promoting the government mandate of "Healthy Schools" with healthy, nutritious school lunches.

Parents are speaking up: they need WOWBUTTER as a nutritious school lunch option their child will eat that is also convenient and easy to comply with peanut free policies.

Socially responsible schools are responding to requirements that outline the need to protect allergic kids at school by implementing complete peanut and/or nut bans. The financial risk to the school relative to lawsuits, not to mention the risk of children dying who are supposed to be safe at school, has prompted the peanut ban implementation at many schools.  If your school is considering or has implemented a peanut free and/or tree nut free policy you will find our WOWBUTTER provides a smooth transition to a peanut free school. 

Non-allergic and allergic kids needs are BOTH being addressed with the use of WOWBUTTER and the accompanying lunch identification stickers that are included with every jar of WOWBUTTER.


We have developed a School Lunch Procedure for parents to follow when sending our peanut butter replacement to school that addresses the need for lunch identification by the school.

The identification of ALL school lunches is the only way to ensure that the peanut free policy of the school is being followed. Our AWARD WINNING School Lunch Procedure supports the identification of school lunches that contain our WOWBUTTER.

Click here for details about this AWARD WINNING identification system for sending WOWBUTTER to school.

If there is no bright yellow "Made with WOWBUTTER" identification sticker on the lunch, then it's not WOWBUTTER! - IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

We have additional letters that simplify the education of others about WOWBUTTER.

The letter (LETTER FOR SCHOOL STAFF) is directed to school principals and staff, which provides more information about the safety and benefits of WOWBUTTER and the school lunch identification system. 

The letter (LETTER HOME TO PARENTS) is addressed specifically to the parents / caregivers of your students and provides information about WOWBUTTER and how the school lunch identification system works.

As an option, to ensure that everyone has been informed about WOWBUTTER in the school community, a letter (NOW AT SCHOOL parent letter) can be sent home requesting parents / caregivers read the letter, sign it and send back. This letter informs everyone that WOWBUTTER is accepted in the school providing that it is properly labelled and identified using the bright yellow "Made with WOWBUTTER" stickers. This letter is then kept on file by the school.

Click here to see letter examples from other school principals. 

Awareness and compliance of school peanut free policies increases with the use of WOWBUTTER and school lunch indentification! It's easy to get started, let everyone in your school or class know what is expected of them. WOWBUTTER helps ensure that the nutrition needs of all kids are met at peanut and nut free schools.

Increase awareness: Request free samples & information for all kids at your school! 

Many schools have already requested and sent samples & information home with all the kids in their school to provide education and awareness in the school community. If you would like to inform your school community as well, please complete the sample request form online If you have any further questions, please send an email to 

One school commented: "...many parents have appreciated the sample that we sent home and making them aware that this product is available. The kids really enjoy the WOWBUTTER and so do the parents. We have had no negative responses..."

Many schools have also incorporated WOWBUTTER into their school managed lunch or breakfast programs and it has been a big hit with the kids. Please contact your food provider and request WOWBUTTER for your school.

We have reminder posters available that can be printed and displayed in the classroom to remind students that their lunches containing WOWBUTTER must be labeled. It also better informs the lunch monitors. You can download and print this poster direct from this website - or if you wish, you can request printed copies to be mailed to your school. REQUEST THE CLASSROOM POSTER HERE.

We hope that you will take the time to review this information and will realize the benefits of educating staff, students and parents about this healthy life saving product and procedure.  By working together with parents, a safe and healthy learning environment for both allergic and non-allergic students will exist.

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