Fundraising Signup Form

This signup page is for schools that will be doing a traditional fundraising project where the school will purchase and distribute WOWBUTTER based on pre-selling of product.

Please request the samples required for education and awareness at your school and to send home to parents with the kids to help in the fundraising efforts. Typically a school would order enough samples for one per student plus any extra needed at the school for kickoff events, etc. Please also indicate the number of order forms required.


Requested # of sample cases Each pack contains 200 x ½ oz (14g) samples
Requested # of order forms
Number of Students/Members
Type of Organization:
Is the School or Organization peanut free? YES NO
Name of person approving request:*
I certify that the information is being requested by or on behalf of the Director or Manager named above and that the samples will be used strictly for fundraising purposes.
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