Ice Cream Applications

How to Use

  • Sprinkle Toasted Soy Pieces or Toasted Soy Halves at point of consumption on ice cream cones and banana splits as an alternative / replacement for peanuts /nuts for a nut free, light, nutritious and tasty product.
  • Use WOWBUTTER as a direct replacement for peanut butter to produce a great tasting product. There is no need to change any product formulation when switching from peanut butter to WOWBUTTER. Works extremely well when mixed together with ice cream.
  • When coated properly with a chocolate or sugar coating, you can use Toasted Soy Pieces directly inside the ice cream (such as a replacement for pralines).
  • The soy pieces can be used as part of the chocolate coating for pre-packaged ice cream that has been dipped in chocolate. Make sure the Pieces are thoroughly mixed with the chocolate.


  • Make a nut free product by replacing peanuts as a topping
  • Adding WOWBUTTER produces a great tasting product that is nut free.
  • Add p-nutty tasting complete protein
  • Increase Omega 3 levels and Omega 6 levels
  • Added Soy health benefits

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