WOWBUTTER Foods Products

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The WOWBUTTER Advantage

  • 100% Peanut, Nut, Gluten and Dairy Free Facility
  • Only top quality Select Canadian Non-GMO IP soybeans used
  • Kosher certified facility
  • Full manufacturing capabilities from "field to table" for better product quality and control
  • Proprietary Toasting Technology for superior tasting products
  • We specialize in only Soy! It’s what we do best!

We are the leading manufacturer of high quality unique nutty tasting WOWBUTTER peanut butter replacement manufactured in a 100% peanut free and nut free facility. Our products are used in many applications including Nut Free Applications, Nutty Taste Profiles, Lower Cost Nut Substitutes, Increased Fibre, Increased Soy Protein, Lower Fat Levels, Improved Shelf Life, Better Crunch and Better Nutrition. Our custom designed process uses only dry toasting technology to create superior tasting, quality products. We use only carefully selected Identity Preserved Non-GMO soybeans to guarantee a consistent quality finished product.

We have the capability to clean, process and package all of our products on site at our 20,000 Sq. Ft. facility, located near Stratford, Ontario, Canada. We are able to maintain a high quality standard by controlling the entire process from start to finish within our facility. Our plant and products are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher certified and 100% PEANUT FREE and NUT FREE.

Realizing that consumers are constantly searching for higher quality health products, we are dedicated to providing solutions that promote a natural and healthy way of life. We incorporate our soy products into many baking applications and product formulations. We approach each customer and product as a unique application and work with customers to achieve their goals. Our philosophy is that your products are only as good as the ingredients you use!!

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