Peanut and Tree Nut Policy

At we take our allergen policy very seriously. We are in the business of producing Peanut Free and Tree Nut Free products based from Non-GMO Toasted Soy. We produce our products in a facility that is 100% Peanut Free and Tree Nut Free. In fact, soy is the only top allergen we allow into our facility. We have focused our efforts on the production of unique soy based foods whereby significantly reducing the possibility of contamination from all other allergen sources. Every step of the manufacturing process starting from the raw soybeans from the farm field to the finished product ready for your enjoyment is completed in one totally nut free facility. By having all steps of the manufacturing in one facility we are able to provide a consistent high quality, safe product.

All additional ingredients and packaging from our approved suppliers are manufactured in facilities that do not contain any Peanut or Tree Nut products. Each supplier has submitted documentation to us guaranteeing that all products purchased are peanut and tree nut free. This guarantee documentation from each supplier is kept on file.

Once any WOWBUTTER produced leaves our facility, we have no control over what happens to the product by external sources. Possible contamination can occur at any point along the supply chain after leaving our facility. This includes during trucking, warehousing, merchandising at store level as well as in the home environment. Due to the inability to control these external circumstances outside of our facility, we cannot guarantee that any packaging is not contaminated after leaving our facility. Once a package has been opened outside of our facility, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are Peanut and Tree Nut Free. If you are severely allergic to peanuts and/or tree nuts, please use caution and wash all containers prior to handling and inspect all containers for tampering.

We look forward to continuing to provide you, your family and your friends a safe and enjoyable product.

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