Help "Spread the Word" about WOWBUTTER!!

Educate and Inform your School, Daycare, Camp, Health Center, Allergy Clinic or Organization:

We have MINI sampler displays available (as shown at right) that contain 200 x ½ oz (14g) samples each of WOWBUTTER. These displays can be set up anywhere for consumers to take a sample at their own leisure.

This is a great way to show support for peanut free and/or tree nut free environments while educating and informing consumers about a new food staple!.

Many schools still don't know about WOWBUTTER! With your help to educate your school, the entire community benefits! WOWBUTTER is the solution to the school lunch frustrations!

Allow others to experience the wonderful taste, texture and nutrition benefits of WOWBUTTER - the only perfect peanut butter replacement! FREE samples and information can be provided for each student or member of your organization to increase awareness! Please complete the sample request form online to receive the samples. Each display sample case contains ½ page informational flyers as well. If you have any questions, please send an email to


Additionally, to further help increase awareness and spread the word, please feel free to download and/or print a flyer to distribute to your friends, family and neighbours!


We have reminder posters as well that can be printed and displayed in the class room to remind students that their lunches must be identified and labeled with the identification stickers that are included with every jar. It also better informs the lunch monitors. You can download and print this poster direct from this website - or if you wish, you can request printed copies to be mailed to your school. REQUEST THE CLASSROOM POSTER HERE.


If you would like to tell your school principal about this great Safe-for-School Peanut Butter Replacement and the School Lunch Procedure for lunch identification to help facilitate and improve compliance with the peanut allergy policy programs at your school, please click here to print a letter to take to your school principal.

If your school has not yet implemented a peanut free policy at your school and you would like to help your school transition to a peanut free environment, please download and print the "LETTER TO PRINCIPAL TO BECOME A PEANUT FREE SCHOOL" and take the letter to your principal.

It is socially responsible concerned parents and citizens such as yourself that can make a big difference towards providing a safe, happy, healthy learning environment for all school kids. WOWBUTTER helps ensure that the nutrition needs of all kids are met at peanut and nut free schools.

WOWBUTTER: Bridging the gap between allergic and non allergic students in order to provide a healthier, safer, more united and happier school environment!


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