Toasted Soy Pieces & Halves

These are truly unique ingredients that work well in any application where a nutty taste profile is required.


  • Unlimited applications for replacing peanuts and nuts in all baking and confectionary applications.
  • These products are generally lower in cost and provide significant savings for direct replacement or blending applications.
  • Fresh "p-nutty" taste with no added colour or flavour
  • No oil is used in our exclusive toasting process

Nutritional Benefits

  • 1.5 mg of Isoflavones per 1g of Soy
  • Soy Protein is a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids
  • 58% less fat than peanuts
  • 75% more protein than peanuts
  • 25% more fiber than peanuts
  • 56% less saturated fat than peanuts

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