Our Carbon “Food” Print

As the producer and manufacturer of WOWBUTTER from FIELD TO TABLE, Hilton Soy Foods is a small truly family-owned and operated business that has focused on environmental sustainability–the protection of the earth’s resources and protection of the environment--- for over 20 years. Hilton is a firm proponent of LOCAL SOURCING to minimize the carbon “food” print (more commonly referred to as carbon “footprint”, ie. the impact on the environment of carbon emissions) of all the food it produces. We grow most all of our own non-genetically modified soybeans right on our own farms with the balance coming from other nearby local farmers. Hilton has always sourced all of its ingredients and packaging as locally as possible. In addition to minimizing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, this also contributes to the sustainability of the local economy.

We also complete the entire cleaning, toasting and final processing & packaging of our Creamy and Crunchy WOWBUTTER all in one facility, built right on our own farm. Not only does this maximize freshness of our soybeans and provide superior field to table food safety and quality control, but of course, significantly minimizes our carbon footprint, especially when compared to most other foods. The entire processing system is quite simple thus minimizing the use of energy. The heat generated during the toasting process is recycled and used to heat the manufacturing facility. In addition, our packaging is as simple as can be, yet preserving food safety and quality.

Another important contributor to sustainable agriculture is the saving of small family farms. Compared to large corporate farms that grow larger and larger and are only into farming to maximize profits, small family farms do all they can to take care of the “health” and sustainability of their land so that it can provide for future generations to come. Our family is deeply and personally committed to reducing our impact on the environment through every step of the process from Field to Table. We preserve the health of the soil on our farms through a variety of sustainable agriculture practices including cover crops, soil erosion control using no-till planting techniques, and soil compaction reduction, etc.

In our office, we do all we can to minimize our impact on the environment. We purchase high content recycled paper, reuse our paper as much as we can, then recycle the balance. We also buy used rather than new equipment for all our needs whenever available, including our farming machinery. This is not only economically sustainable but also better for the environment.

The largest positive impact on sustainability of our WOWBUTTER, just like other soyfoods, is the inherently low carbon “food” print of plant based protein foods compared to animal-based protein foods. Food crops that are grown and that do not have to be first eaten by an animal in order for us to gain nourishment, are of course, low on the food chain and thus carry a very low carbon foot print in comparison to meat or dairy products. In addition, there is some concern about the greenhouse gas methane emissions from animals that may also be detrimental to the environment.

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