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Our whole family loves it, even those of us without a peanut allergy. Bet no one could tell the difference without seeing the jar. Peanut butter has become a totally unnecessary product!

Kimigasuki, Facebook

WOW butter is amazing! It has been a blessing in our lives...recently 2 ladies from a nut free group I belong to held a "taste test" at their school between WOWBUTTER and sunflower butter..... WOWBUTTER won hands down!!! People loved it!! Finally, a real peanut butter alternative!!!

Stephanie, Email

I love peanuts and peanut butter but stopped eating it to keep my son safe. I tried many peanut butter replacements but none of them ever actually tasted like peanut butter until now. I can see why you call it Wow! because that was exactly what I said the first time I tried it. Thank you so much for making such an amazing product. I would recommend this product to anyone. If you have a child who loves peanut butter but cannot take a PB&J sandwich to school...this is the answer you have been searching for. Thanks again, Wow!!

Lynn, St. Catharines

This product is awesome!!! Our family has replaced peanut butter with this product and none of us have any allergies. We love it!

Kristine, Facebook

I bougt it yesterday, and the taste is great ! Thank you so much to do such a perfect product for my little girl...She can eat it at school, and if my daughter loves it, everybody does!

Joanne, Facebook

My grandson has a peanut allergy and I am a HUGE peanut butter lover so was very skeptical about this, as the others like sun butter are not very good. This was better than REAL peanut butter. Will tell ALL of my clients and pass the word. GREAT job, AWESOME flavor...better than the REAL mccoy!! LOL


My daughter is allergic to peanuts. We have tried all (and I mean all!) the peanut butter replacements out there. She did not like any of them and I had to throw them out. I bought yours... She is now eating it by the spoon! I could not believe it! She loves it!


We haven't had peanut butter for 7 years as our son has a peanut allergy. My husband brought wow butter home yesterday and it is amazing!


I made the peanut butter chocolate chip recipe on the back of the bag of the larger sized HERSHEYS chocolate baking chips and substituted WOWBUTTER instead of peanut butter. I took 2 dozen to our neighborhood picnic last week and they were some of the first desserts to go. I guess people did not even know the difference. I asked a few adults what they thought telling them after they ate them the substitution and they liked them too... Thanks for making WOWBUTTER! Now maybe you can get the Girl Scouts to put it into a cookie! Or a chocolate candy company, granola bar company etc...

Mary DeAnn

WOW! This tastes SO GOOD!!! WOW!!! Just tried a sample today...and will be buying tomorrow!!! THANK YOU!!!

Kelly, Facebook

Awesome product!! I was having a hard time making lunches for my son because he is kind of picky, but now I can send him to school with a sandwich that I know he will eat and that is good for him!!!

Shannon, Facebook

I work at a school ,and a mother told me about Wow Butter before school was out for the summer...I was very excited, but a little leary to taste it. Even more leary about getting her to taste it.. But she LOVES it! I am happy to say my non sandwich eating child, now takes a Wow butter and jam sandwich to school for lunch (along with a bag packed full of fruit and veggies). I am very impressed and my daughter is so happy to be allowed to eat her favorite sandwiches again! Her school is peanut free and pb&j sandwiches are the only kind of sandwich she liked.. until now. She has been using Wow Butter over peanut butter on weekends as well. This works out well for me as well, because I often want toast with pb before I leave for work. But working in a nut free school, that was not an option. Now I can eat Wow Butter on my toast :) Thank you Wow Butter!!

Samatha, Facebook

I developed a peanut allergy a few years back. I have loved peanut butter since I was kid. I have tried a lot of PB substitutes... Today I tried WOWBUTTER and I am happy to say it is the best, closest to the real thing I've had! Thank you!


This is fantastic. My kids love it. I send sandwiches to school all the time. I made peanut butter cookies but replaced the peanut butter with WOWBUTTER. Works great...


If you have kids with nut allergies I HIGHLY recommend this! I love PB but unfortunately, it doesn't like me. This is great stuff!!!!


Great product! Last school year my son's classmate had an extreme nut allergy. It was great to be able to send his favorite lunch meal without fear of causing an allergic reaction for the classmate.


I am writing to thank you guys for sending out some samples. We ended up letting the children make their own WOW Butter sandwhich and it was a big hit. Then we sent home the info in the children's lunch kit and ever since we did that we have had tons of children coming to daycare with WOW Butter. They love it!


Hi Friends and how are you today? From A to Z, this is the best food product I have ever tried! What a great surprise! ...the gourmet level consistency make this a supreme product for adults as well as children. (I became peanut allergic as an adult and have tried all of the oily, cakey soy butters.) Thank you for WOWBUTTER!


With our youngest child being severely allergic to all nuts amongst other things, we had to make major changes around our household. We all miss peanut butter the most.... We just discovered this product in Walmart a few weeks ago. Finally a product we all love!! Would love to see bigger jars made available...


WOW is right!!! We tried peabutter (blaaaaagh!) and just gave up, sending the kids with all kinds of lunches that kept coming back home. I saw this on the shelf and thought "Oh heck, why not?" Holy!!!! I cannot believe how much it tastes EXACTLY like peanut butter! The kids tried it and couldn't believe it either! I cannot wait to send this to school with them!


I would like to thank you so much for producing Wowbutter! My daughter has a peanut allergy and is going to preschool this year. I often worried about what I would send with her on field trips and in her sack lunches when needed. Now that I have found Wowbutter and she loves it, my worries have disappeared. We have told all of our family and friends about Wowbutter and have heard many positive responses. I know that not everyone has a peanut allergy in their family, so it is hard for some people to get away from using real peanut butter. With Wowbutter tasting so much like real peanut butter it was so easy for our other two children to switch to Wowbutter as well.


I just wanted to write and say that Wowbutter gets an A+++ in our home! Dealing with food allergies isn't the easiest thing in the world to do and I love when I find quality products that make it easier. Wowbutter's taste is so close to peanut butter that even my peanut loving family members can't tell when I use it to make cookies! I don't know how you did it, but this stuff even SMELLS like peanut butter!! Keep up the good work!


Just bought this Saturday at Wal-Mart. Felt a bit skeptical and so did the kids but we were surprised and quite amazed at how good it tastes. My school-age children are age: 5,6,10 and 14 and they all loved it!! I sent the school and email and attached a link to your webite! VERY impressed ! It's tastes just like real ...crunchy peanut butter and it's healthier and safe to pack in the lunch box! Well done!


I just wanted to let you know that I love your product. I love that my 7 year old son, who hates lunch meat and says jam is boring; absolutley loves his sandwhiches now. He loves his "peanut butter that's not really peanut butter", as he calls it. He thanks me all the time for buying it. Thank you again.

Andrea Moore

I must admit that I was a little skeptical when I seen the product, but I bought a jar to try it on my kids. Kids are big peanut butter lovers, they tried the Wowbutter and liked it and are now taking it to school on sandwiches. Made a batch of cookies using it instead of peanut butter and I must admit that they turned out excellent, no real difference in taste. This product should become a main stay in children's lunches for years to come. Congrats on an excellent product.

David Courneya

Wow I can't believe it! Finally a peanut free butter that tastes like the real thing. I am an individual who became allergic to nuts as an adult, I know exactly what peanut butter and other nuts taste like...and definitely miss them! I picked up wow butter a few days ago and just tried it today and loved it! I had to read the label three times just to be sure I was not eating peanut butter! Thanks for making such a wonderful product!


Wow I can't believe it! Finally a peanut free butter that tastes like the real thing. I have a very fussy five year old and I couldn't believe she didn't know the difference! I have tried a few different ones including one from our local health store and she did not like it. NOW I can send her to school with one more option besides hummus sandwiches! Thank you thank you thank you! Hats off to you for creating the perfect taste!

Kind regards

Mrs Donna Petherick

I recently tried the WOW Butter. I was using the almond butter but my kids hated it. My kids love this product. Thank you so much for the great invention. My kids actually eat their sandwiches now. Its nice to have something that actually tastes like peanut butter and is School Lunch Procedure.

Vicky, mother of 2

"This seller is excellent, and the WOWBUTTER is FABULOUS!!! Our family prefers the taste of this WOWBUTTER over other brands, and also over the taste of peanut butter. We'll continue buying Safe-for-School WOWBUTTER as long as they sell it!!! "

Amazon.com Customer

I just had to write to you to say Thank You!!!!!!! We have been dealing with a peanut allergy in our house since my son was 3 (he is now 12). He never had any idea what peanut butter tastes like. Now thanks to you, and your wonderful product, I was able to see him try his first PB&J sandwich. It was a very happy day in our house. We have since allowed him to try PB cookies and our own take on a peanut butter cup.

I can not thank you enough for allowing him to enjoy what most take for granted.
Forever grateful!


My 7 year old son has a life-threatening peanut allergy(we found out the hard way when he had an anaphylactic reaction when he was 14 months old), so I've been buying peanut-free products for many years now--some good, some not so good. Anyway, I just received a jar of your Safe-for-School WOWBUTTER that I ordered from Peanutfreeplanet.com, and I cannot believe how much it tastes like peanut butter!

I've tried many other brands of soy butter, and frankly they are disgusting. The closest substitute for peanut butter that I've found is Sunbutter, but it's still not quite right. So, thank you so much for producing such a delicious, wonderful product! I'll be sure to tell my friends about it.

Dana Paradis
Charlotte, NC USA

As an individual who became allergic to nuts as an adult, I know exactly what peanut butter and other nuts taste like...and definitely miss them! I picked up a sample of Soy Butter a few days ago and just tried it today.

I was actually wary of trying it because it smelled exactly like peanut butter! It was absolutely delicious - tasted and smelled just like peanut butter! Everyone else in my house (who are not allergic to nuts) tried it and loved it too!

There is literally no taste difference between peanut butter and soy butter (except that I'm safe to eat it!).

What a fabulous product! I can't wait to eat a soy butter and jam sandwich (that tastes just like peanut butter) for the first time in 4 years!!

Thank you so much!


It has become a school lunch staple in our home. It's healthy, it's convenient and it tastes great!!


Just wanted you to know that we too LOVE your product!!! So excited to find it, and find that it actually tastes like real PB... Awesome, amazing... can't say enough!!! Thank you!!!


We have one child with a severe peanut allergy and, over the years, we've tried many different nut-free butters. From sunflower butter (ew, it's grey) to Peabutter (horrible taste and texture). Your product is by far the best. VERY similar in taste and texture to real
peanut butter.

Brad and Laurie

WOW is right! My daughter Meaghan has a severe peanut allergy and it has been 10 plus years since we have even tasted Peanut Butter. Recently I noticed your product on a Walmart store shelf and thought I'd give it a try...let me say I wasn't expecting much!

Well was I ever pleasantly surprised, this WOWBUTTER is as good as Peanut Butter, I can't tell the difference and I can't believe how great it tastes! Thank-you from a former Peanut Butter lover!
Why isn't this product everywhere? This is a lifechanging product for so many people! You need to get worldwide marketing of this product, it could be a lifesaver (literally) in the schools.

Thank you so much.
The Taaffe's

I just wanted to contact you regarding your WOWBUTTER product. I have never contacted a company about a product before, but found myself quite excited when I tasted your product recently at an independent grocer in Unionville. I immediately purchased a container and am enjoying the product with my family. I have started to recommend the product to other family and friends who are annoyed with the rules about "no peanut butter" at schools. I am waiting to hear back from them.

If the feedback is as good as I suspect it will be; I may consider recommending and spreading the word about your product in my health lectures across North America. My husband and I are the authors of: The Miracle of Health (Wiley, 2009) and we are fitness experts (I am also a Registered Nutritional Counsellor, and my husband is also a practicing dentist at Bayview Village Dental Associates). We lecture to large audiences all across North America and are frequently featured on radio and TV as health experts. We are also the parents of 3 children - one with a severe tree nut allergy. So, as a busy wellness expert/mother, I am delighted with your product. I am also wondering if you have any health experts currently endorsing your product?

Kary and Dr. Uche Odiatu

We have been using your soy butter for the past few years and the comments from my customers are excellent-"It tastes just like the real thing.

Alan Toong, Food for Tots

Do you sell your WOWBUTTER direct to consumer at any retail locations? My daughter loves this product that is served at her school, and I would like to know if I can obtain it for use at home.

Donna Nagle

Geez! it is GOOD!....I always love peanut butter, but this stuff is so tasty! So I bought a box (6 ), and finally got my super picky eater 6 year old try it...SHE eats nothing but this now for her lunch!

My kids beg to have this soy butter for snacks. We have tried others and the texture and taste of School Lunch Procedure is much better! My 4 year old has a severe nut allergy so Jif is not an option! Thank you for a great product! We will keep ordering.

I Love WOWBUTTER! My family is VERY nut allergy aware, and I struggled to get my now 4 year old to eat enough protein. We all know that PB is one way to get kids to eat protein but in a family with nut allergy concerns this was not an option until now. My son requests this as a snack every day! Thank-you for making this incredible product!

We use this at my preschool it's so good we have children who are highly allergic to peanut butter and this helps the parents feel safe on days we serve peanut butter and jelly the other kids can't tell the difference they love it!!

Traditional Peanut Butter is a trigger for migraine headaches for me, and “health food” Soy Butter” was not an appetizing replacement…. this stuff is TOPS! I’d been buying it by the case for about two-years

Thank you so much for the samples of Safe-for-School WOWBUTTER, me and my daughter sat down today and each had a slice of toast with it. We both loved it, we thought it had an even more peanuty taste in it than REAL peanut butter, she is happy now because she will be able to have Peanut butter sandwiches for school like I did when I was her age. Thank you so much!

I just found your product, and it is AMAZING! Our daughter has a very severe peanut allergy, so out entire family has been peanut free for 5 years. This was such a great find, we are using it so much now. What a great product.


Hello, I found your WOWBUTTER at a Toronto health food store, and it truly is an incredible product. My kids are thrilled that they get to eat "peanut butter" sandwiches again, and I can bake my favorite cookies again too. I would like to share this product with my school community, as I think that many parents would be interested.

Karen Uchic

We love it best of all the brands we've tried!!

I received the sample today and everyone in my family loved it, including our dog! I will definitely purchase it in the future. Thank you for introducing me to your delicious (and nutritious) product.


Got a sample at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair and was very impressed. I would certainly use this in place of traditional peanut butter.


We just tried your product and my daughter can't get enough of it. This is a product that we will always have in our home.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

Trina Kamm

I just wanted to say "THANK-YOU". I just bought your product (smooth) and I have to say that I had to triple check that it wasn't peanut butter. It is so good and tastes identical to peanut butter. My son has multiple food allergies and this is wonderful to have found your product. I just had some on toast and let me tell you... I was in heaven! We have bought a few "soynut butters" in the past but they all had different tastes to them and left some pretty gross aftertaste in your mouth. This is fantastic! I will be letting my friends and family know about your product. A huge thumbs up!

The Verville's

We were able to sample your product at the Harrow Fair and were really surprised how much it actually tasted like peanut butter. We since purchased a different product at the local Walmart that does not even come close to what your product tasted like. Could you please let us know where we can purchase your product here in Essex County or in the city of Windsor? What a great product to be able to put in our kids lunches with no allergen worries!

Yours Most Sincerely,
Tracy Morand and family

I have a severely nut allergic child, and this is the best product my other kids have ever had.

Marina Salvadori, MD, FRCPC
Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, University of Western Ontario

Your product is amazing! It tastes just like the real thing! My daughter (who is allergic to peanuts) can finally enjoy the taste of peanut butter. In fact, our whole family is enjoying this healthy delicious alternative!

Thank You
Marsha Lax

Bought your WOWBUTTER,the best the family has ever tried. Would like to know if I can bake with this product? i.e. cookies?

Thank you
Bruna Iorio

Wow: It smells good and tastes good! We just got our pkg from my sister in Nanaimo B.C. and myself and 2 sons could not wait to try the WOWBUTTER. My youngest is 6 and allergic to peanuts so when I found out about your company I was so excited. Now we know it tastes good — how to we get it brought to our town?

Lisa Davidson

First of all let me congratulate you on this wonderful WOWBUTTER… my kid and I are crazy about it.

Nancy Ainsley

Hi there. We just got back from a week of camp at Camp Trillium where we tasted WOWBUTTER for the first time and loved it. Since we have a nut allergy in the family, we haven't had peanut butter in over three years. We were totally amazed at the taste of WOWBUTTER and would like to know where we can get some.

Joanne McQuinn

I tried your product and loved it.. It is very good. I will for sure try some recipes with it as well. Thanks for making such an enjoyable product!

Kindest of Regards,
Sharon Croome

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